Healthy World Vitality is a One-Of-A-Kind Program

The Healthy World Vitality Plan (HWVP) is a one-of-a-kind program. It offers an ongoing wealth of quality resources, benefits, and opportunities to help one fine tune their health, all at an amazingly affordable price of just $40 a year. While some may look at the low cost and dismiss its true value, it’s affordability is made possible by a dedicated and committed all-volunteer team, including trained health coaches eager to assist members on their health journey. This online program is available not just nationwide, but internationally as well, with current members, including both coaches and participants, spanning 21 states, Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica. Chief among its offerings, which include monthly Lunch n Learns and a wide variety of masterclasses, are the twice-a-year, 11-week Intensives featuring health coaching, education, support, encouragement and perhaps, most importantly, camaraderie and community.

The Intensives focus on the five pillars of health – Nutrition, Movement, Inner Harmony, Sleep and Community. Small groups meet weekly for 90-minute online sessions via Zoom to discuss material and share experiences and discoveries, struggles and successes. It’s through these shared sessions that members build long, lasting friendships and valuable support networks – a “veggie-hood,” as one member calls it.

“Peer coaching” is a key concept and component of the program’s success. “One of the requirements for our coaches is that they create a peer coaching network,” says Bev Bow. “It’s not a coach-to-individual relationship. It’s a group of peer coaches. The benefit of that is that someone that’s been through the transition to Whole Food Plant Based(WFPB) before can access deeper resources, learn more, and bring it back to the group. They really are teaching each other. That’s the goal of the program.”

The Intensives’ material is updated periodically, but to keep the program interesting for repeat attendees especially, new and additional resources are included each session. The Coaches’ Notes are updated often so that the coaches will have access to more ideas for activities and ways to draw the participants into the process. “It’s constantly evolving,” says Intensive Coach Cindy Savage (California) and the workbook’s original author. “You don’t want it to be static. If it were static, you would never want to do it again,” she says.

While a WFPB diet is the focal center of the 11-week program, equal emphasis is given to the other four pillars of health – movement, inner harmony, sleep and community. While it’s true that diet can do a lot, collectively incorporating all these changes into one’s lifestyle can have an exponential impact on your health. “We’re all about living as healthy as possible, and all of those pillars are intertwined to help us do that,” says Intensive Coach Kiki Turnbull (Arizona). “If you’re exercising in the morning, you have more energy to make a good lunch and a good dinner. And, if you’re meditating and taking your time and eating mindfully, then your body is going to absorb the meals so much more efficiently. And, if you’re getting proper sleep as well, your body is primed to do literally everything better – all your organs are going to work better. Community has been proven to be a huge health booster. It has been theorized that women live longer because they are better at creating good community and having friends.”

Feel like you already know everything there is to know about a WFPB diet and you aren’t interested in learning more? Do you feel like you’re already healthy enough? No problem, says Coach Kiki. You can still join the Intensives. “I have different participants in different sessions say, “I’m just here for the exercise and the sleep, and I say, That’s awesome. Just soak up what you can at every meeting. And, because it’s so important to have your health, this is a wonderful way to hang on to it.”

Community is another key component of HWVP’s and its members’ success. The groups are small, and they meet face-to-face via Zoom. That is the crucial aspect that is missing from many other programs that are out there. It allows for interaction and camaraderie. Reba Amabisca (Flagstaff, AZ) has registered for every Intensive since the initial one in 2021. For her, group interaction is the biggest thing. “Just talking with people, listening to people, hearing their ideas, how they’re negotiating this puzzle we’re in. Community. That’s a very, strong pillar. It’s such strong support for your journey. It’s so hard to negotiate your way sometimes. You go to this group once a week and you’ve got all this support and encouragement – you just feel good about it. Like I said, it’s my veggie-hood.” Even now , three years after the first Intensive, members of the group, the Sassy Synapses, still hook up once a month.

The Intensives were designed to provide individuals with both the education and the ongoing support necessary to embrace and maintain a healthy WFPB lifestyle. Sheila Mulligan (Mount Vernon, WA) signed up for her first Intensive in Fall 2023. She admits that progress toward plant-based eating had been moving slowly until last July when her brother was diagnosed with two forms of dementia.

“Reading about dementia’s possible/probable causes, I realized I wanted to change my diet and other aspects of my lifestyle to a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle immediately. I was new to so much, and I needed guidance and hints,” she says. “I wanted support for my journey. At the end of the 11 weeks, I had a plan that I knew I could stick to, as well as people I could call on going forward as needed.”

HWVP delivers and keeps on delivering.

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