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Coming up:Dr. Rajiv Bajekal, April 4, 12-1 pm AZ/PDT 
Nutrition and Bone Health

Dr. Bajekal (MS, FRCS Orth. MCh Orth. IBLM) is a Consultant Spinal Surgeon practicing in London. He has over 35 years experience in orthopaedics and spinal surgery. His surgical practice is mainly in the lumbar spine with a keen interest in managing Sciatica, low back pain, Spinal Stenosis, Osteoporotic fractures, and infections. He is particularly keen to find simple and often non-surgical solutions for patients in severe pain, and practices lifestyle medicine to look at problems more holistically rather than just the presenting problem. Dr. Bajekal was featured on Chef AJ’s YouTube video and also on the Food Revolution program with Ocean Robbins. Learn more and register

Brian Hart of the Esselstyn Family Foundation 
May 2, 12-1 pm AZ/PDT
How Did We Get Here? Common Hurdles to Healthier Eating
 40% of Americans are considered to be obese. Heart disease kills over 600,000 people a year. Master educator Brian Hart leads this session which explores why it is so hard for us to change eating habits. Special consideration is given to “how we got here” as a species and culture, the “pleasure trap” we can get caught in, as well as how to overcome common hurdles and challenges to healthier eating. Brian Hart, M.Ed, is a highly experienced educator with over twenty-five years in the field as a teacher, administrator, consultant, and advocate for school change in both the public and private sectors. Learn more and register

Earl Urwiller and Susan Wolfe
May 16, 12-1 pm AZ/PDT 
Let’s Travel Together!
Summer is a great time to travel. For our May Lunch n Learn we are hosting two avid travelers – just try keeping up with their schedules! Earl and Susan will be sharing their travel tips for maintaining a plant-based lifestyle whether traveling by airplane or car. They have a toolbox of information to make traveling fun and adventurous. Also, this is a perfect time to share YOUR successes when traveling. Earl often says, “Just remember – Put more fun in your Life!!!” Learn more and register
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