I’m a writer who has lived in the Houston Bay Area for more than 40 years – minus a few wild and crazy, adventurous mid-life years spent in the North Woods of Minnesota. My husband John and I share our humble abode with two rescue dogs in Nassau Bay, Texas across from NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

We’ve been fortunate to live on the shores of Clear Lake for 20 years now. Over that time I’ve come to love the lake with a deep passion. I find it a source of connection with the incredible natural world of which we are a part, though we often forget. A Year on Clear Lake is a project I began in November 2012. My goal is to spend a little time each day focused on the lake and its surrounding environment to become more attuned to its rhythms and nuances. It is a great teacher and I am blessed to have it at my backdoor. A Year on Clear Lake is to cherish and honor the Lake and all it represents.

Writing has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people doing incredible things, and to share their stories. It has also given me the opportunity to spread the message of the health and wellness that lies within each of us. For these opportunities, I am most grateful.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope it will help brighten your day.  – Jean