A Year on Clear Lake-Sept 29, 2013

The Tall and the Short of It–September 29, 2013

I couldn’t resist snapping this photo of the little sandpiper at water’s edge and the yellow-crowned night heron higher up the embankment. So opposite in make up, and yet kindred spirits–as we all are.

Remember how challenging the learning curve was during youth. Just when you thought you had it figured out, life threw a curve ball at you. The juvenile yellow-crowned heron is going through growing pains of his own. He found a piece of rebar. It took him a few tries before realizing the thing wasn’t edible. Nobody said growing up was easy.

The Tricolor Heron and the Merlin falcon shared high perches, the better to oversee their territory. And while there was a single Ibis at work in the circle at the point, a large flock flew overhead. 

The salt marsh mosquitoes are back, and living up to their reputation of being aggressive biters. They feed around the clock and they are hungry devils. Still, it’s worth donating a little blood for a visit to the peninsula. The new season is underway, and change is in the air–along with a little welcomed rain.

Green Thought:“The recognition of oneself as a part of nature, and reliance on natural things, are disappearing for hundreds of millions of people who do not know that anything is being lost.”― Robertson Davies, The Rebel Angels