A Year on Clear Lake-Sept 26, 2013

Just Strolling Along, Singing a Song–September 26, 2013

This green heron is enjoying a stroll on the fishing pier by the boat ramp. It was, after all, a perfect day for a stroll. Low humidity made the summer-like temperatures seem totally tame and downright pleasant. If it would only last, but no, the tease is on. Humidity and heat back on the agenda for tomorrow.

It’s delightful to have the morning sun in view again, and to be able to catch its dramatic sunrises. This morning the sun, not quite awake, colored the sky with a pinkish orange hue, while a small flock of ducks took advantage of the calm waters for an early morning swim.

It was the clouds that were the show later in the day, hanging low in the sky–huge, fluffy puffs blocking the sun’s rays.

Over by the marina, the tiny crabs were gone, which leaves one to wonder where? Though I would rather not dwell on their fate. In the meantime, our old friends were still there- the Little Blue Heron and Snowy Egret–and still having the same territorial issues as yesterday.

A mallard did join the marina menagerie mix today.

A footnote to yesterday’s post: a special thanks to reader Brian Williams, who noted that the tiny fiddler crabs come in both right and left handed (or clawed) versions. Who knew there were lefties in the crab world, too?

Green Thought: “Like nature, like life. The storm will pass. The night will end. Spring will come.” Carol Morgan