A Year on Clear Lake-Sept 23, 2013

Blue, Blue Monday–September 23, 2013

You may have noticed. Sometime in the last year I’ve fallen in love with birds–herons, egrets, pelicans, seagulls, falcons, mockingbirds–you name it. I didn’t intended to, but these birds have stolen my heart. They are beautiful creatures, with striking colors, soft down, and sleek designs.  The  Little Blue Heron (above) is among my favorites with its rich, slate blue color. This one is hanging out by the boat ramp. I hope to see it often in the coming months.

Now, it seems, wherever I go now I find the Tricolor Heron. Six months ago I didn’t even know they existed. This beautiful specimen was at Pine Gully Park, a park right on the shores of Galveston Bay in Seabrook, Texas. It’s located directly across from Maas Nursery, and I couldn’t help but notice the birds as I drove out of the parking lot.

Pine Gully was almost destroyed when a huge container port was built farther up the coast. Waves from the big ships deposited sand at Pine Gully’s  entrance into the bay.  It truly disturbed the environment. Environmentalists raised enough of a stink that the problem was finally addressed. The area looks beautiful today, with lots of birds present. The photo on the left is an Ibis in the foreground with a sailboat in the background. What a view. Very pretty over there, and I’ve made a note to go back and walk the trail.

I swung by the marina today, too. I get such a kick out of the watching the interactions among the birds. Within a short stretch of bulkhead I found a Little Blue Heron, two Green Heron, a Snowy Egret and the Great White Egret. The Snowy Egret and the Little Blue Heron both trumped the Green Herons, and easily intimidate them, chasing them off, but the Great White rules. The Snowy Egret hunkered down and tiptoed behind the big bird. The Little Blue got close to the Great White, but instead of confronting the big bird the Blue turned tail and headed in the opposite direction.

Later, when I walked out onto the back deck to check the progress of the sunset there was a sole Brown Pelican floating nearby. It appeared very regal, and was particularly beautiful as the setting sun’s golden rays highlighted its brown feathers.

It was quite the bird-full day.

Green Thought: “I am grateful for the magic, mystery and majesty of nature – my loyal friend and companion – always there, welcoming and waiting for me to come; to be healed.” ― Tom North