A Year on Clear Lake-Sept 19, 2013

Dramatic Skies–September 19, 2013

The skies have been very dramatic today, filled with dark, billowing clouds roaming about and delivering little bursts of rain here and there. We were recipients of a couple of little bursts.  We’re promised more over the next two days–a lot more. Pardon my skepticism. Honestly, though, I’m afraid they may be right for a change, and we will end up with more rain than we want–if that is even possible–but even so, I would not, could not, dare complain.

The clouds helped to block the view of the rising Harvest Moon, but I caught it later in the evening shining bright with just a few clouds drifting pass. Which reminds me that the official start of fall is only days away – Sunday, Sept 22. It’s been fun watching sunrise and sunset equaling out – the sun rising later each morning, the sun setting earlier each evening.

I didn’t have much time to spend in search of wildlife, but the beauty of living on the lake is that it brings wildlife to me. And so, I captured these images– a pelican gliding pass, and a yellow-crowned night heron in the sun’s fading light.

Nature can fill a day without even trying. 

Green Thought: “My own sense is that the acquisition of self knowledge has been made difficult by the modern world. More and more human beings live in vast urban environments, surrounded by other human beings and the creations of human beings. The natural world, the traditional source of self-awareness, is increasingly absent.” ― Michael Crichton, Travels