A Year on Clear Lake-Sept 18, 2013

Who’s That There–September 18, 2013

A Little Blue Heron turned up at the boat ramp. Another first. Hmmm..this could be the start of a trend. We’ll have to stay tuned.

The water has remained high since Ingrid formed several days ago, and has even done its damage in Mexico. The water level is so high that the bulkhead by the marina  is completely submerged at the east end. But that didn’t deter our gang. They just moved down to the west end. The green heron, the snowy egret and even our yellow-crowned night heron were present, and a group of  mallards also joined.

It’s interesting also to see how far the sun has moved in a month and a half. The photo on the left was taken Aug 8 and on the right, today. In the earlier shot the sun is to the right of the high rise, and in the current photo, it is now to the left. It’s not an earth shaking observation, but things are always changing even when it doesn’t seem like it. Sometimes we have to step back and take a look at the big picture in order to realize it.

Green Thought: “Nature is inexhaustibly sustainable if we care for it. It is our universal responsibility to pass a healthy earth onto future generations.” ― Sylvia Dolson, Joy of Bears