A Year on Clear Lake-Sept 11, 2013

Lady of the Waters- September 11, 2013

The Tricolored Heron, formerly called the Louisiana Heron, is a medium-sized heron. John Audubon (yes, the Audubon) wrote of it, “Delicate in form, beautiful in plumage, and graceful in its movements, I never see this interesting Heron, without calling it the Lady of the Waters.” Today the lady was sharing space with a juvenile black-crowned heron.

We must remember there are consequences to our every action. You may remember back in mid-May the marina management tore down an old, rundown pier in the water behind their property. The pilings were a favorite hang out of pelicans and cormorants. It distressed me to see the old haunt gone, and the pelicans displaced. But today when I swung by the marina to check on things, I discovered the pelicans had found a new place to roost–on the marina’s pilings right next to their party boat. The irony is they never hung out there before. Well, I guess they had to go someplace.

Wrapping up the day the sun provided a soft ending filling the sky with soothing colors and fluffy clouds.

Green Thought: “To get inspiration, go to the nature; for silence, go to the nature; to question the meaning of life, go to the nature; to feel the existence, go to the nature; to protect your mind, to reach the truth, to think about the universe go to the nature!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan