A Year on Clear Lake-Sept 09, 2013

Welcome Back, Sunrise–September 09, 2013

Rejoice. The sun is back  from its spring journey- another potent sign of seasonal change. Inching slowly around the bend spreading its brilliant colors and bright rays, it will be with us through fall and winter and into spring. I look forward to the many faces of its sunrise. I should hold a welcome back party to mark this occasion–a celebration akin to the ancient celestial ceremonies of old. It may not be solstice or equinox, but it’s a momentous occasion for me.

One of the Merlins put on quite a show this afternoon, circling overhead, flying high and low, out over the water and then back over land. As with most birds of prey it owned the sky, flying strong, confident, and with complete ease. It does make this land-bound creature envious. What could it be like to glide so effortlessly with the wind?

Had to laugh–our mosquitoes made the front page of the Houston Chronicle. It turns out ours aren’t just any mosquitoes – they are salt marsh mosquitoes, of course. And apparently some of the hungriest, baddest mosquitoes around. Their eggs hatched, after lying dormant in the high grass for years, when exceptionally high tides provided the needed water for the transformation. These mosquitoes  feast around the clock, unlike the culex that dines just before darkness or light,  and they travel miles in search of prey. Apparently they have followed the winds and traveled farther inland, giving the residents of Houston and other counties heck. Not wishing anyone harm, but that’s one migration I welcome.

Green Thought: “The lack of power to take joy in outdoor nature is as real a misfortune as the lack of power to take joy in books”― Theodore Roosevelt