A Year on Clear Lake-Sept 08, 2013

The Falcon–September 08, 2013

The runner is totally oblivious to the Merlin falcon perched directly overhead. There are actually two merlins on the peninsula. While the one above was stationed over the trail near water’s edge, the second (right) was atop the peninsula’s high point. What a formidable  silhouette.

Rain has teased and taunted us unmercifully for days. Daily it seems, dark, threatening clouds roll in from the south–the Gulf. It looks promising for torrents of rain, then as if we have a hex on us, the storm and its clouds drift off to the east and west leaving us dry. On occasion we might get a few drops, but hardly enough to speak of. The good news of the lack of rain is that the mosquitoes are beginning to abate.

Things remain relatively quiet. The seasonal transition is well underway. All that is left to do is wait. Wait as it slowly unfolds. Wait as the birds continue to arrive–a sure sign the new season has begun. Wait as Nature does its magic.

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Green Thought: “People protect what they love.” ― Jacques Yves Cousteau