A Year on Clear Lake-Sept 06, 2013

Please Help Save the Deer Park Prairie–September 06, 2013

I’m deviating a bit from my regular blog today to ask your help. The above photo shows how Nature designed this area of Texas. Called the Deer Park Prairie, these 50 acres of pristine prairie land are at risk of being sold to a developer unless $4 million can be raised by Tuesday, September 10. The root system of the Big Bluestem grass grows deep below the prairie's surface.

Considered an “ancient” prairie that has never been disturbed by plow or bulldozer, more than 300 species of native plants can be found on this acreage.  Bayou Land Conservancy Jamie Gonzalez conducts a tour through the Deer Park Prairie. The group has until midnight Tuesday to raise the final $500,000 to save this historical, living treasure.This tiny prairie parcel is considered the highest quality Texas coastal prairie. There once was more than 9 million acres of this type of landscape covering the Texas and Louisiana coastal area – today less than one percent of it remains.

Through a vigorous campaign the Bayou Land Conservancy conservation group has raised all but $500,000 of the $4 million. Dedicated volunteers are working around the clock to raise the necessary funds before the deadline at midnight Tuesday, Sept 10. If you can please donate – every little bit will help us save this unique piece of living history. View the YouTube here. Donate here.

In the meantime, a few miles from the Deer Park Prairie, Clear Lake enjoyed a dramatic sky with dark puffy clouds and the threat of rain. I love the summer sky with its multi-layers of clouds and its intensity.

A seagull enjoyed a Friday night bath, while an egret claimed a big bug, and a green heron strolled along the pier. Such is life on Clear Lake.

Green Thought: “Everyone, no matter what their cultural background, has a right to discover the sacred in nature; to heal and be redeemed spiritually by nature; and to revere the ancestors. We are all haunted and saved by our memories.” ― Martha Brooks, Bone Dance