A Year on Clear Lake-Sept 04, 2013

The Little One–September 4, 2013

A remarkable day for wildlife sightings. Again, the little place comes to life once we receive rain.  Not only did I see the little fawn for the first time in weeks, but I also saw both adult deer at separate times and places. Then there was a host of other creatures, too.

I ran into the deer and fawn early in my walk at the the far south end. Later I saw the other deer though I wasn’t sure if it were the same or a different one.  Looking at the side by side photos, it becomes more obvious–one deer has pointed ears, the other more rounded.

Then there was the snake. I looked ahead as I walked and saw a stick laying in the middle of the path. Then I thought, “Wait a minute. I was by here not 20 minutes ago and there was no stick on the path.” So I looked a little closer and sure enough the “stick” was moving slowly across the path.

And if snakes and deer were not enough the Merlin was visible as well. The Universe has a funny way of playing with me. I can go for days seeing little, then, all of a sudden I see everything within 60 minutes. I’m not complaining, mine you. I’ll take it any way I get it. 

Green Thought: “All Nature wears one universal grin.”
Henry Fielding