A Year on Clear Lake-Sept 03, 2013

Poised–September 3, 2013

The mosquitoes are the latest arrival to the peninsula, and boy! did they arrive. A few days ago I mentioned the Karankawan Indians and a special formula of alligator fat, shark oil and mud they smeared on themselves to keep the mosquitoes from biting. I have my own magic formula that would make the Karankawan proud. It’s CVS’ (the drugstore’s) knockoff of Avon’s Skin So Soft. And it works – mostly. I used it on a trip to Alaska once, and I dug it out to try during my peninsula walk/run. A few hungry souls braved the chemical barrier to get to the sweet nectar hidden beneath my skin, but to most of the hungry insects I must have reeked of sure death. By the way, I made the walk in record time. It’s amazing what a few mosquitoes can do to speed up a walk. Photo at left is the stretch I call Mosquito Run–the mosquitoes seem thickest there.

Apart from the bloodthirsty insects, not much other activity witnessed. I did make note of the standing water from yesterday afternoon’s rain–that’s always a good sign. Rain is the planet’s lifeblood, and always stirs up some activity.

The seagulls were hustling. Quite the show was going on in the middle of Clear Creek. I can’t tell you what exactly was happening, apart from the gulls hovering above the water then making quick dives, dragging their feet across the surface. Whatever it was they were doing, they were doing it with gusto.

The day ended with a fanciful sunset that seemed to set everything right with the world.

 Green Thought: How Heron Comes

It is a negligence of the mind
not to notice how at dusk
heron comes to the pond and
stands there in his death robes, perfect
servant of the system, hungry, his eyes
full of attention, his wings