A Year on Clear Lake-Sept 01, 2013

Scram!–September 1, 2013

Melodrama isn’t restricted to humans. I love to watch it unfold in the natural world as it did today. Two young snowy egrets decided to join a third on the banks of the creek. The third egret had ideas of his own, and promptly chased the two away.

Apart from the egret bickering the peninsula was quiet. With this being Labor Day weekend, there was plenty of wildlife activity of a different kind all around the area. The area of water on the west side of the peninsula is known as a Nassau Bay Lagoon. It’s bordered by the peninsula on one side and the shoreline of Upper Bay Road on the other. Boats pull into the calm waters, drop anchor and party hardy. This weekend there was an especially high number of boats parked in the lagoon, getting in summer’s last hurrah.

Apart from the rabbits, mockingbirds, doves, and the yellow-crowns–oh, and the mosquitoes–there were no others visible. But take a look at these pyracantha berries that are beginning to turn. I can’t help but believe there will be some very happy birds when the fall migration gets in high gear. The area is loaded with the bushes, and the bushes with berries. Someone is going to have a feeding frenzy. I’m anxious to see what birds take advantage of the bounty.

Green Thought: “Nature can put on a thrilling show. The stage is vast, the lighting is dramatic, the extras are innumerable, and the budget for special effects is absolutely unlimited.” ― Yann Martel, Life of Pi