A Year on Clear Lake-Oct 31, 2013

Weather Tricks and Treats on Halloween–October 31, 2013

This day was all about the weather. We finally got the rain we have been wanting–buckets, and buckets of it. We received almost six inches in the last two days. It started raining overnight and continued heavy until mid-afternoon. But by late afternoon, the rain finally let up. It stopped in plenty of time for the kids to do their trick-or-treating business.

The lake is full of vegetation from Clear Creek and Armand Bayou. The photo at the right was taken at the boat launch area. Where all the green is, is usually clear water. Looking out across the lake one sees islands of green vegetation floating along. It is quiet a sight.

After the rain, the sky was spectacular. The sunset proved dramatic, too. And in the midst of all the green vegetation floating about, I discover a juvenile black-crowned night heron. I haven’t seen a yellow-crowned or a green heron in quite a while, and assume that most have left the area.

Green Thought: “In a world where thrushes sing and willow trees are golden in the spring, boredom should have been included among the seven deadly sins.” ― Elizabeth Goudge, The Rosemary Tree