A Year on Clear Lake-Oct 26, 2013

Dressed for Autumn–October 26,2013

The Buckeye butterfly  is one of the most abundant in Houston in the autumn–and so apropos, decked out in warm, fall colors. This butterfly prefers open, sunny locations, and cannot tolerate freezing temperatures. It often sits with open wings, while basking in the sunlight, as our friend above did.

A Little Blue Heron was working the northern tip of the peninsula, and except for it, the place was quiet– but not for long. The city is preparing for the zombie apocalypse (l), slated to occur later in the evening. Hay bales and fire pits were readied for the pre-Halloween party at the far southern  end.

Watch out, little bunny,  the zombies will get you.

Green Thought: “Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!” ― Chief Seattle