A Year on Clear Lake-Oct 24, 2013

Planet Venus–October 24, 2013

The planet Venus shines bright in the late October sky. If you want to feel connected–I mean, really connected–to something bigger than yourself, then think how many eyes are staring up at Venus tonight. Think, how many eyes over the million of eons have stared up at this same planet. And while our earthly view of Venus has remained unchanged, how changed is the earth? Ever evolving, ever morphing.

Our egret here, seems heavy in contemplation on this subject, while the cormorant, enjoying its day in the sun, prefers not to be bothered with such heady topics.

Where do you side–with the egret or the cormorant?

Green Thought: “Prosperity cannot be experienced by living detached from Nature. Everything else is only a gradation of materialistic, earthly ambitions. We came from the stars and there lies the path to our substantive evolution.” ― Grigoris Deoudis