A Year on Clear Lake – Oct 21,2013

The Elusive Ones–October 21, 2013

I am excited to have finally captured good images of our elusive deer family. As usual, it was a surprise when I came upon them. This time they didn’t dash off, but instead took a few minutes to stare at me. I stood perfectly still. Finally the momma was satisfied that I wasn’t a threat. They returned to the business of eating.

The two young ones appear to be the same size in this photo, but when I’ve spotted them running, one looks much smaller than the other. Judging from the tracks I’ve seen there are no more deer on the peninsula, except for the male who stays  on the south end.

The find that I referred to yesterday, was the return of the American White Pelicans. Apparently as we were leaving town, they were arriving. These beautiful birds epitomize the fall and winter season for me. Each year we have a small group which takes up residence at the far west end of the lake. They grace  us with their majestic presence, whether gliding smoothly across the water’s surface or flying effortlessly pass.

Even though I was more than  half of a block away from the osprey (l), it bothered him.   He took his catch and flew off. Then it dawned on me, with his incredible eyesight I must look too close for comfort.

We have three or four osprey in the area this season. I never remember such a large number–but then I never paid as much attention as I do these days.

Green Thought: “If we learn to read the birds-and their behaviors and vocalizations-through them, we can read the world at large… if we replace collision with connection, learn to read these details, feel at home, relax, and are respectful–ultimately the birds will yield to us the first rite of passage: a close encounter with an animal otherwise wary of our presence.” Jon Young, What the Robin Knows: How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World