A Year on Clear Lake-Oct 20, 2013

Just Hanging Out–October 20, 2013

Returning from a short weekend trip there was just about an hour of sun left, so of course, I grabbed my camera and headed out the door. A cool front had blown in over the weekend and I was anxious to see what might have come in with it. As I rounded a slight bend in the trail, I came face to face with the baby possum perched on a tree branch. It stared at me for a minute or so, and then went back to its business of foraging.

Not to pester, I left him to his business and continued down the trail. I did check  for it on the way out and found it had moved to the back of the tree and was hanging upside down in its pursuit of choice berries. It’s little things that bring you joy and make your day.

Apart from the possum, the peninsula was quiet. The mockingbirds were chatty, and I captured this silhouette of one against the backdrop of the setting sun.

There was an exciting find on the drive home, but more about that tomorrow.

Green Thought: “In Nature, things are broken with a purpose—clouds break to pour rains, rivers break to water fields, fields break to yield crops, seeds break to yield plants … so if ever you feel broken, understand that you must be part of a better and more beautiful purpose…” ― Debashis Dey