A Year on Clear Lake-Oct 14, 2013

Deer Me–October 14, 2013

It has been weeks since I’ve seen even a glimpse of the deer. I knew they were still around because I’ve often seen their tracks. Today they finally surfaced again, but only briefly. As I was walking down the path, suddenly the momma bolted out of vegetation on the waterside and disappears into the brush. Then I spotted the baby, standing in the brush, only its head visible, staring at me with curious eyes. It quickly turned and disappeared. The yearling then suddenly bounds across the path and vanishes into the brush, though I did get a fleeting shot. It happened in a flash. But I was glad to see them again.

Visited Pine Gully Park in Seabrook today and found this Anhingas. It landed in a marshy area across from the park, and immediately spread its wings. The Anhinga swims low in the water, often with only the neck and head above the water and sometimes with only the bill exposed. It also can soar very high in the sky using the thermals. Another interesting bird.

Came across two snakes today, both at the north end. The snakes have definitely become more active of late, and I am more alert.

Green Thought: “Into every empty corner, into all forgotten things and nooks, Nature struggles to pour life.” ― Henry Beston