A Year on Clear Lake-Oct 11, 2013

Marching to the Beat…–October 11, 2013

We all march to the beat of our own drummer, and this high-stepping, little sandpiper is no exception! I found him hanging out by the marina. I stopped by to see what was happening. On my last few visits it was not unusual to  count as many as eight green herons spread out along the bulkhead. Today there were two. There was one Little Blue Heron, along with a pair of killdeer. That makes two pair of killdeers spotted in the last week: one here and one on the peninsula. Hmmm- something is up with them. Glad to have them back in the area.

Also found these wildflowers in bloom along the bank. It’s  tievine, also called Cotton Morning Glory, or Coastal Morning Glory. And last but not least was this stand of goldenrod and swamp daisies–bright yellow against a blue backdrop. Very pretty.

Green Thought: “Whenever man comes up with a better mousetrap, nature immediately comes up with a better mouse.” ― James D. Carswell