A Year on Clear Lake-Oct 07, 2013

Do You Believe in Magic–October 7, 2013

Nature is magical. Overnight she waved her wand and everything about this little piece of acreage changed. One day it was hot and muggy and there was little happening but rabbits, chatty mockingbirds and blossoming wildflowers. The next day  it was dry and crisp and bustling with all types of birds–cardinals, blue jays, falcons, wrens, killdeer, and osprey, along with ibises, roseatas, little blue herons, egrets, and great white egrets, all roosting on tree branches. Wow.

All those blooming wildflowers last week must have been in prep for the birds’ arrival. Nature was sprucing the little place up in anticipation of its winter visitors.

This is why I started this blog a year ago next month. I wanted to celebrate the seasonal changes on the lake. We don’t have flashy colored leaves in autumn, or blankets of snow in winter. We have birds that come and go with the seasons. But honestly, when I started, I had no idea what lay ahead. I knew the osprey came. I knew the Great White American Pelicans came, but I knew nothing of this amazing, wonderous transformation. How did we get so disconnected from something so magnificent?

Green Thought: “The wild begins where you least expect it, one step off your normal course” ― Bernard Malamud