A Year on Clear Lake-Oct 03, 2013

Cactus Flower–October 3, 2013

Wildflowers are the dominant theme these days. It’s a virtual explosion of color and design thanks to the rain we’ve had. Seems more like spring than fall–flowers in bloom,  mockingbirds singing their hearts out. I’ve even spotted cardinals back in the area.

Nature may not deliver neatly manicured landscapes, but they are brilliantly designed. Click on the photo at the left to see what I mean. What some see as a jumbled mishmash is a beautiful tapestry of woven textures and hues–pinks, greens, yellows, smooth surfaces, sharp thorns, slender grasses and twisting vines all commingled. We humans suffer from the incessant need to improve upon nature, to make things orderly, but awesome  is found in untamed wildness.

Look at this little gem (right). It’s a rain lily – just a single, solitary long stem with a flower on the end of it growing amid a sea of grass. Or take the spray of Carolina Wolfberry mixed with Goldenrod. Or this beautiful branch laden with pyracantha berries.

Add to the mix the snowy egret, and what more could you want from an afternoon in nature.

Green Thought:“I believe in living healthily and sustainably, and looking to nature for renewal and inspiration.” ― Jay Woodman