A Year on Clear Lake-Oct 02, 2013

Immature Great Blue Heron–October 2, 2013

Birds are complicated. They can make you crazy. I thought this beautiful bird was a Tricolor Heron, but actually now I’m sure  it’s an immature Great Blue Heron.  The bird pictured left is also a juvenile Great Blue Heron. It’s hard to tell about the bird on the right. The dark color on the shoulder makes me think Great Blue. Most birds go through several molts before they reach maturity. How they start out is seldom how they end up. I think humans molt, too–they shed feathers of a different sort.

We had more rain today–some of the heaviest to date, but still not too much. It’s still welcomed in my book. Our little salt marsh of a peninsula is looking very marshy. Water is standing all across the area, but that’s not a bad thing.

The snakes seem to love the rain and water. I spotted this one beside the path. He blended almost perfectly with the color of the sandy mud. It’s interesting how your eyes learn to “see” things that are out of the ordinary.

Green Thought: “In nature everything is connected, interwoven, subject to natural law. We cannot separate ourselves from that, no matter how hard we try.” ― Jeffrey R. Anderson, The Nature of Things – Navigating Everyday Life with Grace