A Year on Clear Lake-Nov 29, 2012

What the sun sees – Nov 29, 2012

When the sun calls it quits for the day, this is the last view of the lake it sees before it drops below the horizon. Of course, it’s been looking at this view for a few billion years now. I wonder if it takes it for granted, or if it sees something new  each day? But then, even the sun gets a new perspective as the earth twirls about and dances around it from season to season – an ever changing view. Ah, so there is something new under the sun, after all.

This photo was taken from the west shore looking east – at the extreme right  is the Lighthouse, and at the extreme left – just barely visible in the shot – is the high rise, Endeavor. The little red arrow, left of center is Home Base, where many, many photos originate, and where I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying an ever-changing view for a mere 14 years.

Here’s a map to help with orientation. (You can click on it and it will enlarge.) I’ve read that the lake is just shy of six miles around its perimeter, but I’ll need to investigate more before I can confirm. It’s not a huge lake, but an interesting one – a mix of salt water from Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, and fresh water from the creeks and bayous that drain into the lake from the mainland.