A Year on Clear Lake-Nov 28, 2012

“Sorry, ma’am, this row is taken” – Nov 28, 2012

Sunshine is back, and life is just another day in the park for these guys at Clear Lake Park on the water’s northern shores. Our feathered friend and his “buddies” enjoy a ringside seat at the nearby feeding fest. The lake, it seems, provides a little something for every one, whether it’s food for a hungry bird, or food for the soul of our unnamed park-goer sharing lunch with her new-found friends.

For night fisherman, Aaron Oglesby – Pennsylvanian by birth, proud Texan by choice – the lake feeds his spirit and his passion, providing the opportunity to drop a line at the lakeside home of a friend, day or night. The small hardhead catfish on line’s end was soon cut loose and tossed back to wander the lake’s underworld, a bit more cautious for its experience.  For Aaron, the prize catch of the night was a young seven inch flounder. The significance of the catch, he explained, was that flounder, after having been nearly fished out of the lake’s water and then subjected to strict conservation regulations, are making a comeback.

Life is good on the lake.