A Year on Clear Lake-Nov 27, 2012

Shades of gray – Nov 27, 2012

When gray sky meets gray water seamlessly, there is no dramatic sunrise to ignite the sky, or fiery sunset to mark day’s end; no haunting mist to shroud its waters, or blue sky to frame its shores. There are only shades of gray. But like an old black and white movie, minus living technicolor, the dialogue doesn’t change.

The latest “cold” front arrived with chilly temperatures, a touch of much-needed rain, and a huge dose of gray – the kind of gray that makes a warm blanket, a good book, and the smell of soup cooking inviting.

On a gray day the gray lake isn’t exceptionally beautiful. It isn’t especially breathtaking. It simply is a gray lake, yet we don’t love it any less. Stripped of the trappings, the lake’s essence is laid bare and its enticing allure remains as powerful as before. The lake has captured our soul.