A Year on Clear Lake-Nov 25, 2012

Dawn’s twilight – Nov 25, 2012

The gradual transition from night into day plays out upon the lake. The orange glow of dawn’s early light on the horizon lightens the darkness. The sky and waters are filled with silence and stillness, and the sense of the sacred, while always present, is most evident at this time. It permeates, and envelops all – even me, standing in awe on the back deck. Peace presides. All is well.

The orange light expands in the sky and grows richer in hue as the sun’s approach grows nearer. Now  the splash of an occasional jumping fish will break the silence and the calm waters, creating ever expanding rings, rippling across the water’s surface. Overhead the  familiar call of a passing bird sounds, and in the far distance the low hum of growing highway traffic begins to build.

The day, as yet undefined, holds endless possibilities and potential.  Unspoiled. Pure. Fresh. Everything is just as it should be.