A Year on Clear Lake-Nov 22, 2012

In a fog,  Thanksgiving morn – Nov 22, 2012.

I’m reminded to be careful what you ask for. Having mentioned the other day how much I enjoy foggy mornings, this is what we woke to Thanksgiving Day. It was an amazing display like we’ve never seen. Fog banks repeatedly rolled in and out all morning long. The fog would seemingly lift, and then at the next check it was back again, and often times thicker than before.

We lived a short while on Lake Superior and often saw this type phenomenon.   The fog wandered up and down the shoreline there, rolling in and out at will. But we had  never seen it happen on Clear Lake. Typically, here, the fog is thick in the morning then slowly dissipates.

It was a treat, and something else to be thankful for. The day itself was filled with gratitude for family and friends, and the abundance of all things we enjoy – not the least of which is living on the lake.

The pelicans were pretty grateful, too. They love overcast and foggy days, as well – the fishing is good. We were treated to several aerobatic exercises throughout the day as the birds went about enjoying their own Thanksgiving Day feast.