A Year on Clear Lake-Nov 21, 2012

And the living is easy on Clear Lake – Nov. 21, 2012

Incredibly beautiful fall day – calm and clear.  This photo taken from the far northeastern shore – a boat launch area – looking south toward Kemah and Galveston Bay.

In the background is Endeavor, a 30-story, luxury apartment high rise. Built during the heyday of the building boom, it was to be the first of several such structures that would “change the skyline of Clear Lake.”  Never happened. Endeavor struggled long before the economic collapse, and struggles still. It’s not a fit.

In the foreground, our laid back fisherman is more the essence of Clear Lake. While developers see the lake’s water and envision a South Beach community, the reality of Clear Lake is a relaxed culture without pretentious airs. It may not always remain as such, but for now, don’t mess with our skyline. In the meantime, Endeavor remains oddly out of place.