A Year on Clear Lake-Nov 19, 2012

Sitting on the dock of the lake – Nov 19, 2012.

I had a little free time today and a chance to wander down around the bend.  This beautiful specimen of a pelican was patient enough to pose for an iconic photo with the landmark lighthouse as backdrop.

The change of scenery, though ever so slight, offered a new perspective. Around the bend from our protected nook, the lake’s waters are wide and expansive. Its northern edge is bordered by the busy  parkway; its eastern edge wraps south toward the Bay, a mix of parks, commercial enterprises and residential homes lining it.

There is a shift here, around the bend. With the wider expanse of water and the wind sweeping across the open surface, the energy feels more charged than in our little bay. Bucking winds and choppy waves, the water appears more daring, more daunting; the lake, more challenging.

Changing our perspectives is a good thing, whether exploring around the lake’s bend , or assessing our lives from a different angle. We see more, and more clearly  in a new light. We learn to appreciate, too, all that is.