A Year on Clear Lake-Nov 17, 2012

The lake is all abuzz – November 17, 2012

It’s mid-November and all around the lake plants are blooming, bees are buzzing, and people are ecstatic. Our second “spring” is in full bloom – at least until it is abruptly cut short with the arrival of a blue norther, a burst of cold weather delivering bone-chilling winds and a dramatic temperature drop. Till then, this time of the year, however short-lived, is what we live for in the Gulf Coast area. The days are perfect with temperatures in the high 70s and the evening temps dropping to the 50s.  Humidity is relatively low. Ah, sheer heaven – a great time to play hooky and enjoy the outdoors.

It’s easy to be seduced by the beauty of the lake this time of the year – the rhythmic sounds of the water gently rising and falling against the bulkhead; the sensation of a soft breeze – no, not even a soft breeze, just the hint of a soft breeze sneaking across the waters and teasing the skin. The sun’s warmth, no longer blistering, envelopes the body from head to toe; its bright rays dance atop the water in a dazzling show of brilliance that not even a billion diamonds could rival. At the water’s edge, a faint sea salty smell brings to mind the beach. The autumn lake  is a total sensory delight.

And nearby nature stays busy at work. A rosemary bush, loaded with hundreds of tiny, blue blossoms, becomes a hotbed of buzz as bees work feverishly to milk its precious nectar.