A Year on Clear Lake-Nov 16, 2012

Change on the lake comes in many forms.

Life is good for this lone monarch butterfly caterpillar busy at work preparing for the start of its transformation that’s only days away now.

Seemingly oblivious to his surroundings, the caterpillar stays  focused on the job at hand.

Why are we so obsessed with butterflies, and especially at this stage? I think it’s because we’re in on the secret. We know what an incredible experience lies ahead. We know what the caterpillar doesn’t. We know  its life is about to do a complete 360, and it’s exciting.

I think we secretly long for a similar, amazing transformation for ourselves. What we often fail to realize is that we have that same powerful potential within us, too. We can orchestrate change, as well. The advantage we have over the caterpillar is that unlike this little worm that will become a predetermined butterfly, we can become anything – anything we want. And that’s exciting.