A Year On Clear Lake-Nov 15, 2012

Early evening on the lake with moon overhead – Nov 15, 2012.

Today there was just enough time to check on the lake in the early morning and again early evening before a slew of guests arrived for our monthly potluck. What happened on the lake (in between that time), stayed on the lake – as they say.

I love the mystery of life beneath the surface. There is much drama, though not apparent to us.

The lake has a huge variety of fish. Not being of the fishing ilk it is hard for me to know, but our neighbor reports pulling trout in by the dozens this time of year. Catfish inhabit the waters, too – a 38-pounder was caught and released two years ago. And a few years back  a small school, or family – or whatever you call a group – of sting rays visited our waters for several  consecutive  days wandering near the shore before vanishing forever.  In the 14 years we’ve lived here we had never seen them before nor since. Very exciting to witness, though. They did cause quite a stir among the neighbors.

We see  jelly fish on occasion drift past, and of course, crabs. And then there was the good-sized alligator pulled from the waters just across the lake. Pretty exciting news there, too.

There is much happening in the lake, yet except for an occasional mullet leaping out of the water it can seem uneventful.

Ah, do not be fooled.