Little Blue Heron – Nov 07, 2013

Little Blue Heron–November 07, 2013

The sky was where all the action was today. I love the fall/winter sky. It’s always a great show, and it doesn’t hurt that I have great views from sun up to sun down right out my back door at this time of year. Here’s the day’s sunrise in the image to the left, and then the sky near sunset on the right. The sky was dramatic with the fish scale clouds blocking the late day sun’s rays.

The show was in the air on the peninsula, too. I captured these images of a roseate spoonbill flying overhead. These birds have such an interesting shape when viewed from the ground up. In truth, they have an interesting shape no matter how you view at them. (Is it just me, or do you see a resemblance to superman in the image to the right?)

A vulture also decided to put on a show for me, flying directly overhead, and slowly, as if to make certain I got the photos I needed. I promised to make him famous. So here he is.

With so much activity in the heavens, it was nice to find the ground-bound Little Blue Heron (above) busily at work along the banks of Clear Creek where it enters Clear Lake. Then, there was the Osprey with its daily ration of fish.

Green Thought: “Plants or animals rarely behave in an unnatural manner that’s contrary to their true makeup. Human beings are also natural beings, but at the same time, we’re conscious entities. We therefore have free will and must make the choice not merely to be part of nature, but also to follow faithfully the “laws of nature.”  ― H.E. Davey