A Year on Clear Lake-Nov 02, 2013

A Sign of the Times–November 02, 2013

What a color-filled day. It began with a greeting by this bright orange butterfly, included the rose-colored roseate, and ended with the golden sunset. Beautiful.

The ospreys were flying overhead again today. The one pictured above took a short break,  resting for a few minutes on a sign post at the far northern end of the peninsula. He didn’t rest long, posing only for a few photos before taking back to the sky.

After being especially high following last week’s rain, the water level is low again, which means you are likely to see ibises and the roseate spoonbills along the shoreline. And indeed they were present on the far side of the lake. The bright pink of the roseatas is even more dramatic when seen in the setting sun.

Green Thought: “Nature is not horrible. Nature is not wonderful. Nature is not cruel. Nature is not beautiful. Nature only is.”
Simon Barnes