A Year on Clear Lake-May 9, 2013

Hush Little Baby–May 9, 2013

This baby Mockingbird appeared on the scene today. Could it be the offspring of our March 5th love birds? Welcome to the world, little guy. Learn your songs well, and sing them out with all your heart. Your presence, little one, makes the world a happier place.

I’ve been studying the gang at the watering hole now for a few months, and I’ve seen personalities emerge. I’m convinced the Yellow-Crested Night Heron is an engineer. Only an engineer could have the single-minded focus of this bird. (I should know I’ve lived with one for nearly 40 years–an engineer, that is.) The Snowy Egret is a work-alcoholic, and an overachiever. This one never takes a break, and is always busily working the bulkhead, nearly nonstop. The pose in the photo at the right, is its most typical stance. In contrast, the Little Blue Heron is your hippie cousin–the non-conformist, do-it-my-way kind of guy.  A cool, dude, man. You know what I mean? And the Great White Egret, well…the Great White is a little like Godzilla-invading-Tokyo in the way it moves about, whether wading through knee-deep water, strolling the bulkhead, or patrolling the marshy shoreline. It walks in a deliberate way, moving slowly, pausing to take in its surroundings, and to size up any sight or sound that catches its attention, before continuing unphased. It rules, and it knows it.

I love life at the watering hole–as I mentioned yesterday, a microcosm of the world,and in more ways than one.