A Year on Clear Lake-May 8, 2013

True Blue–May 8, 2013

It’s uncanny.  Just when I begin to wonder what might have happened to this or that bird, it suddenly reappears as if by magic. And so the Little Blue Heron was back on the scene today. As mentioned in an earlier post I’m intrigued by this heron’s unique blue color, especially the turquoise shade in the bill and eye ring. Very striking.

I’m amazed, too, by how bountiful this little “pond” is.  The “watering hole” as I call it, should more appropriately be called the “fishing hole.” It supports a number of large birds with voracious appetites, and apparently sufficiently enough that the birds continue to return to the spot day after day. (They, or their stand ins. It’s hard to know, but I still consider them one and the same.)

As you can see in the photo to the right, it’s not a particularly large area. The water level varies daily. Some days the area is near waterless and on other days the lake is overflowing the bulkhead and flooding the little stretch of land. The overflow, of course, is where the “bounty” must come from, restocking the supply of crabs and tiny fish and other critters the birds love to dine on.

On some level, I suppose, the watering hole is a microcosm of the lake, which is, of course, a microcosm of the earth itself.  And I remain amazed and grateful for the rich bounty we all enjoy, and pray we show our gratitude by practicing good stewardship to ensure there is bounty for generations to come.

On a parting note, let me share this morning’s beautiful sunrise. Even though now, at this time of the year, I can only see a small portion of the rising sun, even that tiny bit is breathtakingly inspiring.