A Year on Clear Lake-May 7, 2013

The Beat Goes On – May 7, 2013

After a few days away I was anxious to get back to the watering hole. The weekend, I’m told, was unusually cool for this time of the year, and I knew the wind had been exceptionally strong when that unheard of May cold front burst of the scene. Of course, it wasn’t likely to run anyone off. I think mainly I worried what I might have missed. It  turns out probably very little. The gang’s still here, and life goes on. The Snowy Egret is still working the bulkhead; the Yellow Crest Night Heron still patrols the shallow water and marshy shoreline. The killdeers still scurry about, and the mallard couple, male and female, are still hanging out, killing time.

And so, the beat goes on, as another couple from the 1960s sang. On…on…on…on…on…the beat goes on. All is well.