A Year on Clear Lake-May 5, 2013

Flashback: 50 Shades of Brown–April 27, 2013

One of my favorite little critters at the watering hole is the tree-dwelling Anole lizard. These guys scurry about, darting up and over rocks, leaping and climbing trees. Specially adapted pads on their feet allow them to climb, cling, and run on virtually any surface.

I snapped this photo last week when I suddenly happened upon one. The anole, when happy, is a bright shade of green, but when threatened, stressed, or ill, turns dark brown and continues to turn darker and darker shades–depending upon its level of stress. (A lot like us.) This particular anole was already brown when I first spotted him. Camera shy, he quickly disappeared after the snapshot.

Another interesting fact about this little lizard: Not only do the anoles shed their skin, they can also drop or shed their tails. The tail can drop off its body when grabbed by a predator, allowing the lizard to escape. The tail will grow back, but generally shorter than the original.

Now that’s a nifty trick–wish I could do that when I find myself in a tight spot.