A Year on Clear Lake-May 4, 2013

Flashback: Beautiful Windemere, January 21, 2013

I snapped this photo of  Windemere mansion in January when my sailor friend Phil McBride took me for a short sail on Clear Lake. The lovely mansion has graced the grounds of Clear Lake since 1929. It is located just east the Hilton Hotel. It was originally the home of  Harold W. Fletcher, who was Chief Engineer for the Hughes Tool Company, owned by the flamboyant  Howard Hughes, actor, adventurer, and entrepreneur. Fletcher, who eventually became the company’s vice president and general manager, relocated to Houston with a bit of arm twisting from the boss, but his parents remained in the lakeside residence. More about its history and photos of the interior can be found here. The write up includes excerpts from a 1933 Houston Chronicle article including interesting references to nearby sites around the lake.

Today the mansion is owned by the Bal Harbour Association and is rented out for weddings and parties. My family has had the pleasure of enjoying a few events here.