A Year on Clear Lake-May 22, 2013

The Prize–May 22, 2013

A good day for the heron, not so for the crab.

A five star day on the bird front–a lot of activity. It began when I spotted a black-crowned heron perched on a power line overlooking the main road, NASA Parkway. I whipped into the boat repair company’s parking lot to snap a photo–not the best because of the sun’s angle. I wondered how many times in the past I had driven pass this sight, or similar, totally oblivious?

At the watering hole, with the water level down for the first time in days, a pair of green herons where at work along the bulkhead. Everything was fine, and everyone was minding their own business, until one scored a hit. When the other realized his buddy had a prize, he began chasing him for a share, and so the two were fluttering down the bulkhead. It was fun to watch, but the only thing the second heron got were ruffled feathers.

At the new wetland area more surprises. One of the resident yellow-crested herons (there are at least two) perched himself high atop the power box. Must admit I got a totally different perspective of this bird, staring up at its long, skinny legs. If that display was not enough to make my day, the second yellow-crested heron appeared less than 5 feet from me with the treasured crab in its mouth, and proceeded to eat it right in front of me.

In all, it was an amazing day.

We need the tonic of wilderness Henry David Thoreau.