A Year on Clear Lake-May 21, 2013

Ahhhhhh, So Sweet–May 21, 2013

Even birds are appreciative of the simple things in life. Our little feathered friend above pauses between sips of lake water, relishing sweet relief as the quenching liquid rolls down his throat. Seagulls have the unique ability to drink both fresh water and sea water. These creatures have special glands above their eyes that remove the salt from sea water. This allows the birds to drink salty water without becoming dehydrated (as we would). Clear Lake’s water  is brackish,  a mixture of salt water from the Gulf and fresh water flowing from the area’s creeks and bayous. No matter, it’s still as precious as liquid gold to our friend.

The water level is still high by the watering hole. The little blue heron was the sole sentry, today, having to man the fort by himself while dodging a few rogue waves.

And over by the wetlands, the pace was more leisurely and relaxed. A group of seagulls helped a pelican with his afternoon fishing, while another group of birds–pelicans, cormorants, gulls, and ducks–took advantage of a vacant pier to catch a snooze.

Ah, yes, life is oh, so good.