A Year on Clear Lake-May 20, 2013

All Eyes On It–May 20, 2013

It’s good to introduce new into your life–break a pattern, expand your horizons, get out of a rut. So I’m enjoying exploring the new area. Amazing how different the three areas – boat launch, watering hole, and new area–are.  The boat launch area is very urban, with lots of traffic, people, and cars. The watering  hole has a rugged, unkempt look–forget there is a restaurant next door that offers live music outdoors now that  the weather has turned warm. The new area, fairly isolated, is neatly landscaped–as in the banks are lined with rocks and cacti. Cacti? So close to the Gulf? Oh, well, this is Texas, and we put cacti anywhere we like. It might be a bit much, but it’s pretty, and the birds seem to enjoy the scene. I counted four Snowy egrets and one Great White all hanging out together on the far bank today. That doesn’t  include the pelicans that also joined in the hunt.

Nicest of all, the place is quiet–I don’t expect  much jet-ski traffic  in this cove-like area. (Fingers crossed.)

A Great Blue Heron flew overhead en route to somewhere. I haven’t seen a Great Blue Heron in months, so that was a pleasant surprise. And I swear I spotted a momma mallard with a baby in the wetlands, but they were too fast for the camera. That area will be a challenge, I can tell.

Meanwhile, back at the watering hole, the water is still high. A single egret, up to its knees, was braving the high, choppy water while attempting to patrol the bulkhead. All in all, the area was quiet, not even the yellow-crest heron was visible today.