A Year on Clear Lake-May 19, 2013

A Stroll in the Marsh–May 19, 2013

We still have strong winds coming from the east which are pushing bay water into the lake. The water level remains high by the watering hole, so there was not much action there today. The boat launch and park area was filled with families, boaters, and jet-skiers. The new location offers a pleasant change of pace–no one around but me and the birds.

I have research to do on the grasses that make up the wetland area. The mallards pictured above popped out from nowhere. They maneuvered easily through the water, almost as if there were hidden channels throughout the grasses. And who knows, there may be.

The pelicans seemed to be enjoying a leisurely Sunday. There’s a young yellow-crested night heron that is present, less skittish than the older fellows by the watering hole.

I snapped a photo of a black bird with red and white on his neck, but have not been able to identify what type of bird he is yet. Lots of homework to do.

The area is interesting. Though a major thoroughfare is visible, it is far enough away that this area seems  isolated and quiet. There are boats nearby, and apparently some people living on them, but there was very little activity this day. We’ll see what the week brings.