A Year on Clear Lake-May 18, 2013

Splish, Splash–May 18, 2013

The wind was kicking up today, and the waves were splash-crazy. Our friend here got occasional baths when the wind and water timed it right.

Now that the warm (hot) weather has arrived, the lake is filled with all types of activity on the weekends. The boat dock is loaded with boat trailers, and people are everywhere along the shoreline. Most of the gulls and the turnstones that usually hang out around the boat ramp during the week, disappear on the weekends. Too many “tourists,” I guess.

Down by the watering hole, the snowy egret held its own despite high winds, high water, and choppy waves. The heron, however, took to the field. In the photo he is heading straight for a small ditch that runs from the roadway (NASA 1) down toward the lake.

It was sad, today. A pair of pelicans flew overhead slowly, as if looking for the old roost. They actually circled and flew overhead again, finally settling on the small dock  down by the paddle wheel boat and restaurant.

I did explore today, traveling a little further around the bend. I may possibly have found a good spot, if they don’t run me off. It’s also by a marina, and near to the Lakewood Yacht Club, the area’s oldest, I believe. There’s a nice wetland area that has great wildlife potential. Highway 146 is on the far side. The Seabrook/Kemah bridge is very near. When I discovered a familiar face among the weeds – I felt like I was home.