A Year on Clear Lake-May 17, 2013

Gone-May 17, 2013

What’s there to say? The deed is done.  The old pier is gone, and with it, the pelicans, and their resting place.  Sad. I can’t dwell on it because it will make me crazy. Suffice it to say, our actions have consequences that impact not only ourselves, but others as well. And others matter, even if they’re “just a bunch of birds. ”

I will explore for new territory tomorrow. This wonderful little watering hole will remain one of my favorite sites, but I’m not certain what the long term plans are.  Besides, it’s time to see what other treasurers the lake has to offer. I’ll venture a little farther down the shoreline.

Talk about treasurers and surprises, my weed-loving heron was topside when I arrived today. He was working the field adjacent to the water. He didn’t stay up top long, though, disappearing down the embankment and back to the weeds at water’s edge.

I love this bird’s distinct facial markings. They give him such a wild-eyed look, and they make him handsome, too.

The Little Blue Heron also made an appearance, today, walking along the bulkhead. That seems to be his preferred location. I even caught a quick glimpse of the female mallard, but no babies.–yet.

Also, note the haze that can be seen in the main photo above. It’s smoke from agricultural fires in Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsular, where they are burning off their fields. As mentioned earlier, our actions have consequences that impact others, even hundreds of miles away. We are forecast to have the lingering haze until at least Tuesday of next week.

It has been a disheartening day in many ways, but it was comforting to see my old friends at the watering hole. Life goes on despite the heartaches. We adjust, not easily, but eventually.