A Year on Clear Lake-May 16, 2013

Does This Spell Doom?-May 16, 2013

Another unpleasant surprise waiting when I arrived at the marina today. I fear this does not bode well for the little piece of paradise. The men on the barge are removing the dilapidated pier that was once belonged to the restaurant that occupied the property. The restaurant was torn down some years ago. Neglect, and a hurricane, rendered the remaining pier useless. Useless, unless you are a pelican, cormorant, gull, tern or perhaps a wintering osprey, then it offers the  perfect site to stop and rest a spell.

May 10, 2013 (click to enlarge)

Most distressing. Will they remove it all? Most likely. And why? What other plans are in store for the property? Is the watering hole next?

I met the gentleman who owns the boat anchored just beyond the pier in the photo above. He’s been moored in that same spot for the last month. He puts his bicycle in the dingy and rows ashore.  He told me he is from Canada, and is working on repairing his boat. He, too, is very upset, and most concerned for the  pelicans that sleep there. He was worried about where will they go if all the pilings are removed.

The biggest threat to most wildlife is loss of habitat. I realize this is not exactly a “natural” habitat. It was a man-made pier, after all. But in an odd twist of fate, nature had reclaimed it. Now it will be destroyed. It’s a small example of what is happening when wildlife and mankind needs and desires clash.

I wish I had answers. Better yet, solutions. There has to be a way for us to co-exist with nature without destroying it.

Stay tune as this sad saga continues.