A Year on Clear Lake-May 15, 2013

Elegance in Motion-May 15, 2013

What beautiful form. The Great White is the epitome of grace and beauty. Looking at this photo makes me want to spread my arms, leap into the air, and soar. It looks so easy and effortless. Sigh. Only in my dreams.

I found this yellow-crested heron by the boat dock . It may be my imagination, but this fellow (left) doesn’t seem to be nearly as stocky as the heron that hangs out by the marina (right). Experience, may make the difference. There is a learning curve, even in nature. The boat-dock heron may be younger. He may still be learning what sites are most likely to yield the greatest source of food. I imagine that hunger can serve as a strong motivator in the learning process.

I wonder sometimes what life would be like if we had to hunt for our food. It’s hard to even imagine, especially when there are fast food restaurants on every corner and grocery stores stocked to the brim with food items. No wonder we are faced with such an obesity epidemic.

Funny– while most all of wildlife must learn how to eat in order to survive, we must learn how not to eat in order to survive. A sure sign that we are not in balance. We are not in tune with the natural order.

Not sure about you, but I say it’s way past time to get that balance back.